Top 5 Stocks (shares) To Benefit From Plastic Ban In India


After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced freedom for India from SUP in his 2019 Independence Day speech, the MoEF&CC had brought in an amendment to the Plastic Waste Management (PWB) Rules in August 2021 that prohibited the manufacture, import, stocking, distribution, sale & use of Single use plastic from July 1, 2022. So, if there are any … Read more

M&M Vs TATA motors which is best for investment?


Many of us are fond of investments and want to generate wealth through investing in stocks, as we all know that India’s Automotive Industry is worth more than $100 bn and contributes 8% of the country’s total export. Also accounts for 2.3% of India’s GDP all set to become the 3rd largest in the world … Read more

Vedant Fashions IPO Is Good Or Bad? Check GMP, Subscription,& Review

vedant fashions ipo

What are the risk factors in Vedant Fashions IPO? 1. The covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the company and may affect in the future too 2. They are highly dependent on Indian wedding wear business 3. The company has various brands but most of the revenue is from the Manyavar brand 4. They are significantly … Read more

Adani Wilmar IPO Is Good Or Bad? Check Review, GMP, And Other Details


What are the risk factors in Adani Wilmar IPO? 1. Company’s operations are highly dependent on the availability of raw materials like unrefined palm oil, soybean & sunflower oil 2. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic various costs for the company has increased 3. There are legal proceedings against the members of the company 4. A … Read more

Top 10 Fertilizer Stocks to invest in 2022|Budget 2022 Fertilizer Stocks


Fertilizer stocks in budget 2022 The budget is due in February 2022, and the government has planned to win farmers’ hearts this time with different initiatives to help farmers of India of which one is subsidies to fertilizer companies. Reports are there that GOI is planning to infuse 1.4 Trillion Rupees (which is 18.8 Billion … Read more

What Is Ethanol? Top 10 Ethanol Stocks In The Indian Stock Market?


Many of them are wondering nowadays ” What is this Ethanol”? This is because the shares of the companies dealing in ethanol are too bullish, this bullishness is all because of renewable energy, let’s discuss it in more detail. What is Ethanol? Ethanol unlike petroleum is a form of renewable energy that can be produced … Read more

AGS Transact Technologies IPO Is Good Or Bad? Check GMP, Subscription, IPO dates

AGS Transact Technologies introduction AGS Transact Technologies Limited is the largest Omnichannel payment services provider in India in terms of providing digital and cash-based solutions to bank and corporate clients, Also the company has reputed financial institutions and banks as customers other than banks also there are many big retail customers. Mumbai-based AGS Transact Technologies … Read more

CMS Info Systems IPO is Good or Bad? Check Subscription Status, Allotment, GMP

CMS Info Systems IPO is Good or Bad?

CMS Info Systems Limited Introduction They are India’s largest cash management company based on the number of ATM points and the number of retail pick-up points as of March 31, 2021, as well as one of the largest ATM cash management companies worldwide based on the number of ATM points as of March 31, 2021. … Read more

Supriya Lifescience IPO Good or Bad? GMP, Allotment, Review, & Details


Supriya Lifescience Limited Introduction Supriya Lifescience is one of the key Indian manufacturers and suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”), with a focus on research and development. Mumbai-based Supriya Lifescience is also a leading exporter in the API segment. It has a niche product offering of 38 APIs focused on diverse therapeutic segments such as … Read more