Vedant Fashions IPO Is Good Or Bad? Check GMP, Subscription,& Review

What are the risk factors in Vedant Fashions IPO?

1. The covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the company and may affect in the future too

2. They are highly dependent on Indian wedding wear business

3. The company has various brands but most of the revenue is from the Manyavar brand

4. They are significantly dependent on their franchise model

5. The warehouse and jobbers of the company are concentrated in a single region Kolkata

6. The net IPO proceeds will directly go to the selling shareholders and the company will get any fund from it

7. The company depends on weddings and seasons and therefore sales may have variations

8. There are outstanding legal proceedings against the company’s directors and promoters

9. Company has certain contingent liabilities which if materializes will adversely affect the business

10. Company’s PAT is declining over the years

What are the competitive strengths of Vedant fashions IPO?

1. The company is a market leader in Indian ethnic wear combining different brands catering to all age groups

2. Company has an omnichannel network integration of both online and offline stores

3. It has a strong brand presence over the Indian ethnic market with the brand named Manyavar

4. Company has three different brands named Twamev, Manyavar & Manthan all three are for different economy classes with different pricing

5. According to Reports Indian wedding and celebration culture is growing over the years for which their business is also growing

6. Company is managed by a strong experienced and professional team

What are the strategies Company follow towards their growth?

1. Vedant Fashions plans to expand its business throughout India and also in the foreign countries

2. The company plans to scale up its emerging brands through the same retail channel

3. Company has also its strategic acquisition plans

What is Vedant Fashions Ltd’s business model?

Products include men’s ethnic and celebration wear items such as Indo-western, sherwanis, kurtas, jackets and accessories such as jutti, safa, mala, and women’s ethnic and celebration wear items such as lehengas, sarees, stitched suits, gowns, and Kurtis

  1. Manyavar: Kurtas, Indo-westerns, Sherwanis, jackets and accessories. Kids wear – kurta set, jacket set, Indo-westerns, accessories
  2. Mohey: Lehengas, sarees gowns and accessories
  3. Mebaz: Menswear – Kurtas, Indo-westerns, Sherwanis, jackets, suits and accessories. Womenswear – Lehengas, sarees, stitched suits and kurtis. Kids wear – Lehengas, gowns, frocks, kurtas, suits and accessories
  4. Manthan: Kurtas
  5. Twamev: Kurta sets, Sherwanis, Indo-westerns, suits and accessories

Who are the promoter’s of Vedant Fashions Limited?

Ravi Modi, Shilpi Modi, and Ravi Modi Family Trust are the company promoters.

How are the Company Financials?

  • Company has shown declining revenue over the past three years
  • Also, company has shown fallen PAT over the years, mostly because Covid-19
Financial Year EndedRevenue (₹ Crores)PAT (₹ Crores)EPS (₹)
March 2019819.80176.437.04
March 2020947.98236.649.45
March 2021625.02132.905.36
The period ended September 30, 2021387.2998.414.01

What are the objects of Vedant Fashions IPO net proceeds?

The offer comprises of offer for sale of 36,364,838 Eq Shares amounting to ₹3,149.19 Cr, As the entire proceeds is of an offer for sale, so the company will not be benefitted from it apart from listing gains.

Vedant Fashions IPO open & close date

IPO open date is: 4th Feb 2022

IPO close date is: 8th Feb 2022

Vedant Fashions IPO allotment, refund & listing date

Vedant Fashions IPO allotment date is: 11th Feb 2022

IPO refund date is: 14th Feb 2022

IPO listing date is: 16th Feb 2022

Vedant Fashions IPO allotment status

IPO allotment can be checked through their registrar website on 11th Feb 2022

Vedant Fashions IPO GMP (Grey Market Price) today

DateFEBDateGMP ( ₹ )Premium (%)Expected Listing Price
JAN 31, 2022Rs 859.82%Rs 951
FEB 01, 2022Rs 323.70%Rs 898
FEB 02, 2022Rs 323.70%Rs 898
FEB 03, 2022Rs 505.77%Rs 916
FEB 04, 2022Rs 364.16%Rs 902
FEB 05, 2022Rs 354.04%Rs 901
FEB 06, 2022
FEB 07, 2022
FEB 08, 2022
FEB 09, 2022
FEB 10, 2022
FEB 12, 2022
FEB 13, 2022
FEB 14, 2022
FEB 15, 2022
FEB 16, 2022

Vedant Fashions IPO details, price band, & RHP

IPO bidding date04 Feb 2022 – 08 Feb 2022
Price range824 – 866
Minimum order quantity17

Vedant Fashions IPO live subscription status

Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB)Noninstitutional bidders (NII)Retail individual investors (RII)Total no of shares offered
No of shares offered



DateQualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) (No of times)Noninstitutional bidders (NII) (No of times)Retail individual investors (RII) (No of times)Total subscription (No of times)
04th FEB 20220.06x0.06x0.22x0.14x
05TH FEB 20220.00x0.00x0.00x0.00x
07TH FEB 20220.00x0.00x0.00x0.00x

Vedant Fashions IPO valuation (Overpriced or not?)

Calculating valuation with its upper price band of Rs 866


FY-21 EPS is = 5.36

6 months Sep 21 EPS is = 4.01

Workings & calculation of P.E

FY-21 EPS is = 5.36, 866/5.36 = 161.5x P.E

6 months ended Sep 21 EPS is= 4.01, 866/4.01 = 215.96x , but after annualizing 215.96/2 = 107.98

Hence, the company is asking P.E ranging between 108x to 161.5x

The IPO is highly-priced

Vedant fashions Listed Peers

As of now, there are no such listed peers for Vedant Fashions Ltd

Vedant Fashions IPO is good or bad? (review)

Vedant Fashions is a market leader in the Indian ethnic and celebration wear catering to all age groups and different class people allocated to different brands, namely Manyavar, Manthan, Twamev, Mohey & Mabez, The company has a pan-India presence through its retail and omnichannel network of both offline and online.

As of September 30, 2021, the company had 535 EBOs (exclusive brand outlets) spanning 212 cities and towns in India, and 11 EBOs overseas across the United States, Canada, and the UAE.

Discussing its financials it has been performing well pre covid but after covid, the financials are highly affected, still, the company has a good brand presence and may bounce back after the pandemic is over, but at the current IPO pricing it is overvalued and can be ignored for now, later if the price breaks down it will be a good investment.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

1. How to apply for IPO?
Steps to apply in Vedant Fashions IPO through Zerodha

Visit the Zerodha website and log in to Console.
Go to Portfolio and click the IPOs link.
Go to the Vedant Fashions IPO row and click the ‘Bid’ button.
Enter your UPI ID, Quantity, and Price.
‘Submit’ IPO application form.
Visit the UPI App (net banking or BHIM) to approve the mandate.

2. How much retail quota is there in Vedant Fashions?

QIB: 50%
NII: 15%
Retail: 35%

3. What is the minimum bid amount in Vedant Fashions IPO?

Minimum: Rs 14722
Maximum: Rs 191386
For retail investors

4. Is Vedant Fashions IPO and Manyavar IPO the same?


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