How To Sell Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies on Wazirx

Did You Know about the Government of India’s new policy about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Don’t worry want to sell your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on Wazirx. Below are the right steps How to sell bitcoin on Wazirx.

How to sell bitcoin on Wazirx?

1. Open the Wazirx app to sell bitcoin

2. Go to the fund’s option to initiate selling bitcoin on Wazirx

3. Tap on the total portfolio value to see your money invested in INR ₹

4. Below the wallets option all the cryptocurrencies purchased by you will be shown

5. Tap on any coin, like bitcoin to sell on Wazirx

6. Now, the Bitcoin chart will display

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7. To sell bitcoin on Wazirx tap the below shown blue Wazirx logo

8. A buy/ sell dashboard will be shown to sell bitcoin on Wazirx

9. Select the sell option to sell bitcoin on Wazirx

10. Now select the 100% option among different options like 25%, 50%, 75% if you want to sell total holdings at the current price

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11. Now to continue selling bitcoin on Wazirx place the order

12. Your selling order will be executed on Wazirx

13. And will be executed once your selling order of crypto coin on Wazirx is initiated

Now your holdings are sold and in the Funds area, your total funds will be displayed which are now ready for withdrawal through different options



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