About Myself

Hi there everyone,

My name is Mohit Joshi, I am a tax consultant and an LLB and CA in making, I started my journey in the finance world long before in 2016. Come and let’s enjoy my story.

Phase 1

2015 when I struggled to choose a field to fulfill my future goals and live a better and stable life ahead. After struggling for almost 1 year and as I didn’t have money to continue my further studies, I searched for a job, and sooner or later I found a job in a CA partnership firm.

Phase 2

I did the job for a period of only 8 months and togetherly I was doing my graduation. after which I left the job as I was not able to learn so much there with a salary of pocket money. After which I started my own freelancing in the accounting and taxation field and gradually gained many clients and also earned a bit better than before.

Phase 3

2018, my freelancing was at a boost so I decided to open a small firm of tax consultancy and accounting. From there I started feeling much secure about my profession as I was much knowledgeable in my field.

Phase 4

In the very same year, I also started trading in equity. I was earning a good amount from the stock market but later I also loosed a huge amount from trading. Then for a time being, I left the stock market and was focusing more on my taxation field. After that again someday I entered in the stockmarket and started doing positional and swing trading and there was no looking back and I gain too much knowledge in the stock market and also in my taxation field

Phase 5

This is the phase where I’m starting my new blog growingstocks.in about whatever knowledge I gained from my learnings in the field of

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Taxation
  • Accounting
  • Stockmarket

Thank you, for reading my story so patiently, I hope my blogs will help you all in enhancing knowledge.