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Latent View Analytics IPO Introduction

Latent view Analytics IPO origin from Chennai is opening on 10th Nov 2021, Company is among the leading pure-play data analytics services companies in India, they serve clients across countries in the United States, Europe, and Asia through our subsidiaries in the United States, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, and Singapore, and our sales offices in San Jose, London, and Singapore.

Risk factors in Latent View Analytics

1. Company derives 90% of the total revenue from US clients, any adverse change in US markets can affect the company

2. Company proposes to utilize the Net Proceeds from IPO to undertake acquisitions for which targets have not been identified

3. Company may have adverse effects from exchange rate fluctuations as a good amount of revenue are from US clients

Why to invest in Latent View Analytics ?

  1. They are among the leading pure-play data analytics companies in India and have emerged as one of the most trusted partners to several Fortune 500 companies in recent years

2. Their client base includes several marquee enterprises engaged in diverse industries, including Adobe, 7-Eleven, Uber Technology.

3. They have a strong track record of revenue growth and profitability

4.  Company employees would get a discount of Rs 19 per share (approx. 10%) if they apply through this IPO.

What are the Services provided by Latent View Analytics?

  1. Consulting services
  2. Business Analytics and Insights Services
  3. Data Engineering
  4. Digital Solutions

Where will Latent View Analytics use its IPO proceeds?

  1. Funding inorganic growth initiatives;
  2. Funding working capital requirements of LatentView Analytics Corporation
  3. Investment in Subsidiaries to augment their capital base for future growth; and
  4. General corporate purposes

Who are the Promoters of Latent View Analytics?

Adugudi Viswanathan Venkatraman and Pramadwathi Jandhyala are the company promoters. Promoters hold an aggregate of 137,760,000 Equity Shares, equivalent to 79.30% of the pre-Offer issued, subscribed, and paid-up Equity Share capital of our Company

Natural persons forming part of the Promoter Group
(i) Mr. A V Viswanathan
(ii) Ms. Indra Tamilarasan
(iii) Ms. Sarada A V
(iv) Ms. Latha Narayanan
(v) Ms. Vimala A V
(vi) Mr. Rahul Venkatraman
(vii) Mr. Nikhil Venkatraman
(viii) Ms. J Umadevi
(ix) Mr. J Sridhar

Financial track record of Latent View Analytics

  1. Company has shown consistent growth in revenue
  2. Company has shown consistent growth in Profit with margins
Financial Year Ending / Period Ending (Amt In Millions)
ParticularsFY19FY20FY21Qtr Ending 30-Jun-21
Total Assets3,236.83,978.55,192.05,880.1
Profit After Tax596.7728.5914.6223.1
Profit %20.16%22.10%28.00%24.32%
Latent View Analytics Financials

Latent View Analytics IPO open & close date

Open date: 10th Nov 2021, Close date: 12th Nov 2021

Latent View Analytics IPO Finalization of Allotment, refund & listing date

Allotment date: 16th Nov 2021, Refund date: 17th Nov 2021, Listing date: 22th Nov 2021

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How to check Latent View Analytics IPO allotment status?

Latent View Analytics IPO allotment can be checked on the registrar website

Latent View Analytics Price band

Price range190 – 197
Minimum order quantity76 shares
Issue sizeTotal Rs 600 Crores
1) OFS – Rs 126 Crores
2) Fresh issue – Rs 474 Crores

Latent View Analytics IPO GMP today

Latent View Analytics GMP is  365 as of 17th Nov 2021

Latent View Analytics IPO overpriced or not?

Calculating with its upper price band of Rs 197

Now, the EPS (earning per share) for the FY21 is 5.1 so the P.E ratio (price to earnings ratio) comes at 197/5.1=38.62x

And, the EPS for Q1 FY22 EPS is Rs 1.25 so the P.E ratio comes at 197/1.25= 157.6x  but when we annualize it 157.6/4=39.4x is the annual P.E they are asking for FY22

So, they are asking P.E between 30-40x Which is reasonably priced, As per RHP there is only one listed peer, Happiest Minds Technologies who are in a similar business which is trading at P/E 118x. 

Latent View Analytics IPO is good or bad?

As the company is showing consistent growth in revenue and profit and is asking for a reasonable price of Rs 197, One can go for investing in it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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